Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Quiet Dissent Surfacing Amongst Families of US Soldiers in Iraq

I would love to show articles like this to people who claim that those who protest the war are anti-American. Are the families of those who have given up their loved ones to this 'just war' anti-American?

Dissent on the Home Front: Families of US Soldiers in Iraq Lead Anti-War Protests

"I am not against President Bush but it gets very aggravating the way he is ruining all these young people's lives," Barbara Willis, mother of a reservist in Iraq.

Adele Kubein, whose daughter is a National Guard mechanic serving in Iraq, says of the soldiers, "They're changing. They have dehumanised the Iraqis. They call them 'hajji' now - that's like 'gook'. I am old enough to remember the Vietnam war, and I remember."

On one occasion, her daughter telephoned her, sobbing. "She said, 'Mom, I have shot people. I am never going to be able to come home and live a normal life again. How can I come home and live a normal life when every second I am trying to be alert to see if I will be shot?'"

Are we still so afraid that even our criticism and outrage must be veiled? "I am not against President Bush but...?"


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