Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Gallup Poll Raises Questions About Media Focus on 'Values'

It is really encouraging to finally hear someone say, "Look, moral values were NOT the only deciding factor, ok? What the hell are moral values, anyways?"

Unfortunately, that leaves the other deciding factor as the war in Iraq...which meant that more voters believed that Bush was the better choice in continuing our crusade for freedom. [Not that Kerry was a great choice either but...ugh.]

Anyhow, here's the new poll that helps stomp on the idea of what a pivotal role "moral values" played in the election. Bout time.

New Gallup Poll Raises Questions About Media Focus on 'Values'
Published: December 14, 2004

In the aftermath of the Nov. 2 election, the press and various political partisans jumped on exit polls that seemed to suggest "moral values" was the top issue in voters' minds as they re-elected President George W. Bush. Some analysts have questioned that notion, but a new nationwide Gallup Poll, released Tuesday morning, could deal a death blow to the whole idea.

Asked what they consider the most important problem facing this country today the issue of values was tied for fourth place with unemployment/jobs, with only one in ten of the Gallup sample choosing it. Far ahead, with 23%, was the war in Iraq, followed by terrorism and the economy in general, both at 12%, only then followed by unemployment and values.

The modest vote for values is all the more surprising because it was broadly define to include a wide range of concerns including ethics, moral, religious/family decline, dishonesty, and lack of integrity.

This 10% total could also be compared to the 29% who named some aspect of the economy as the top issue, along with the 35% who mentioned Iraq or terrorism.


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