Monday, September 12, 2005

Rehnquist dies; Pro-choicers begin wigging out.

When I saw on that Rehnquist died, I flipped out. This is a horrible development -- two spots on the Supreme Court for Bush to fill with conservatives. Possibly conservatives who want to overturn Roe v. Wade. That absolutely unnerves my little pro-choice ass.

Hurricane Katrina's devastation rages on in the news every day. The class/race issue is finally hitting the fan, and about time. Four days ago, I wrote, "I can't stop looking at the photos coming in now, all the photos from and of the helicopters rescuing people on the roofs of house and supermarkets -- some of them old, some of them so young, some of them disabled, so many of them black. Hardly any whites. Guess most of the whites were able to clear out. All the people with money and cars.

These people -- thousands of them -- have been waiting for buses to come take them away since Tuesday and there is no food or water. Hardly any cops. No food, water, medicine. Two babies were born in the Superdome. Mothers with toddlers with exhausted faces, their babies looking stunned. It hurts so bad to see this photos. It's the bite of photography, how powerful it is, why it is so important. Here I am bitching about gas, waiting to go out to a party tonight, ignoring my homework while a few states away, there is such an outpouring of pain and agony I can't understand it.

There's a picture of a big, kind-faced black man, holding a tiny baby, while he drapes a blanket over the body of an eldery man, slumped over in a chair in the median. In the background hundreds of black people are camped out, waiting.

Why is President Bush on "Good Morning America?"

I find the characterization of looters disturbing. I find disheartening the fact that people are forgetting the thousands outside New Orleans that are suffering. I think that Bush and the administration declared a "zero tolerance" policy on looting while thousands of people were stranded without food, water, medicine was ABSURD. (See Matt's journal entry on the perception of white and black looters.)


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