Saturday, March 12, 2005

Iraq Veterans Against the War

I've read a bit about this war we're in, but this shocked me. Corporal Mike Hoffmanwas deployed with his Marine Corps unit in February 2003, and fought in both Tikrit and Baghdad. Michael, writing at the Guardian on December 2, 2004:

I know the commitment it takes to serve your country, but I also know this war has nothing to do with protecting my country. My sergeant put it best a week before we left for the Middle East: "Don't think you're going to be heroes. You're not going for weapons of mass destruction. You're not going to get rid of Saddam, or to make Iraq safe for democracy. You're going for one reason, and that's oil."

With that kind of 'encouragement,' it's no wonder that Michael went on to co-found the Iraq Veterans Against the War.



Blogger Tim said...

Unfortunately it barely surprises me. A few months ago I started a blog called A Political Question as part of expressing my view on the war and finding out others. We exchanged some comments at the time. Now I have a new issue stirring up my life and I resurrected
Once again I am very interested in your view Melissa.

4:27 PM  
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