Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers nominated to the Supreme Court

When I heard the announcement over CNN video, I gasped with surprise. Bush nominated a woman? That was a great PR move - replacing O'Connor with another woman makes it seem like he wants to include a woman on the Court, that he is concerned for womens' voices and issues.

So then I looked up some info on Ms. Harriet Miers. One of the most notable things to mention first is that, much like John Roberts, little to nothing exists that gives the public a clue as to how she feels about hot-button issues like workers' rights, abortion, affirmative action, gay rights, etc. She has no paper trail OR judicial record - she's never been a judge. She is a longtime close friend and confidante of the President, supposedly very loyal and devoted to him.

In an interview with Democracy Now!, Nan Aron, President of the Alliance for Justice, (a national association of public interest and civil rights organizations), said this:

"But, having said that, little is known about her views on critical issues like environmental protection, worker protection, civil rights, and it will be up to the Senate – In fact, it will be critically important for the Senate to get as much information as it can about her record.

One last thing is – very, very disappointed that the White House refused to disclose any of John Roberts's memos that he wrote as the political deputy while he served in the Solicitor General's office during the Bush administration. It was Harriet Miers, in fact, who refused to share his records with the public or the Senate and, of course, now that she is the nominee, she will be able to hide behind their refusal to share information now about her. She has helped create the precedent that will allow the White House to essentially not cooperate with the Senate, and so, we are all looking to the Senate to conduct a full and thorough inquiry and to get as much information about her views so that the Senate and the American people can decide whether she is deserving of this very important seat on the Supreme Court."

I fully expect her to block all inquiry and to be elected without us having a clue about how her vote might swing. And that is terrifying.

Now that Roberts has already been locked into the head position, we really need someone on our side to fill that empty spot. If Miers turns out to be anti-choice, I have a feeling that I'll be becoming much more involved in active protesting for pro-choice issues.

It was really rather clever, choosing Miers- both conservatives and liberals are very upset now, because no one knows what to expect from her. Already however, conservatives are beginning to get antsy, alleging that Miers donated to Democrats, and that she isn't a clear conservative, and therefore undesirable.


CNN: Bush Picks White House Counsel for Supreme Court

Village Voice: Democrats, Rejoice: Right Says Wrong on Harriet Miers


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