Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

2004 has been a year of intense growth and progress for me, especially when it comes to introspective personal functioning and the formation of political beliefs and interests. As I continue to commit myself to become an official educator in the guise of a public school teacher, I continue to remind myself that being an educator is a lifelong pursuit that has no classroom walls in which to confine the passion for knowledge and the reverence for wisdom. These newfound and still-forming political realizations have done a great deal to give me purpose and inspiration, in addition to strengthening and creating new relationships with others with similar ideals and goals. I told a friend that I was hesitant to label myself as an “activist” just yet because I did not feel I had done enough to warrant that title, and thus I was content with “activist-minded.” Perhaps I am selling myself short with that description, denying myself a true recognition of my power and opportunity.

Perhaps 2005 will be the year in which I truly embrace my desire for activism.


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