Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Casualities in Iraq

I think it's hilariously sick how lately CNN has been headlining the number of American troops killed in Iraq every day, as if troops haven't died there every day since March of 2003. (Five have already died today.)

I found a website, called Iraq Coalition Casuality Count, which breaks the casualties down into time periods, US/UK/other coalition casualties, non-hostile casualties, etc. (I bet the non-hostile casualties are very underreported.)

So far? At least 2139 coalition casulties, 1941 of them Americans.

Anti-war.com reports 14755 wounded American soldiers, but estimates there are as many as 15000 - 42500.

How are the Iraqis faring? Well, the Iraq Body Count estimates any where from 26,323 to 29,653 reported deaths by reputable sources.

Guardian story on Iraqi civilian deaths
Short Guardian article on the death of Rowand Suleiman


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