Sunday, July 24, 2005

London Police Say "Oops, Our Bad?"

I had heard that an innocent man was shot and killed by London police as a terror suspect before he was cleared, but I didn't know that they pinned him to the ground and shot him five times in the head with horrified onlookers watching.

This shoot-to-kill policy they're advocating is very frightening. Instantly I thought about the potential for abuse...

Article from the Independent

AP article from Yahoo

Second article from the Independent

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Karl Rove confirmed as leak about CIA agent to Bob Novak

This may not be the first time Karl Rove has leaked something to Bob Novak. Rove's leak to Novak in 1992 allegedly is the reason why Karl was booted off the 1992 presidential campaign for George Bush, Sr. I can't believe Novak is getting off so easy thus far-- it's a not a surprise that Rove is.

The prior allegations are also mentioned in this rather chilling article about Karl Rove's power in the White House.

More followup here...

Oh, and now the White House has shut up completely about it. Imagine that.

Reporter Judith Miller Jailed

Yahoo : "New York Times reporter Judith Miller was jailed Wednesday for refusing to divulge a confidential source to a grand jury investigating the Bush administration's leak of an undercover CIA operative's name. It added legal drama to what was already one of the most closely watched press freedom cases in recent history."

Here's my favorite bit about this part of the story-- Miller NEVER wrote an article or story about the situation. She just did some research/reporting.

"Asked why prosecutors sought Miller's testimony when she never wrote a story about Plame, Times attorney Floyd Abrams said, "We don't know, but most likely somebody testified to the grand jury that he or she had spoken to Judy.""

Jecfuhriscsusk. What a screwup. Everything about this entire series of events is dumbfounding. ( I wish the Supreme Court had gotten involved. I wish Sandra Day O'Conner had stuck around! Please let us keep Roe vs. Wade, you crazy conservatives. I will go on a rampage if... Save The Court